Our Mission

We offer homes to anyone whose income falls between 80- and 120-percent of an area’s median income.

In Wayne County, that calculates to

An income range (approximately) between $49,000 and $73,000, annually, for a family of two

An income range (approximately) between $61,000 and $91,000, annually, for a family of four

Additionally, OH requires that its homebuyers not currently (or within the last eight months) own a home and demonstrate the ability to earn or receive, regular income, including social security and retirement income.

Image: North Pine Street Tree Nursery


Oakland Housing is committed to making the American Dream of affordable housing a reality to middle-income families. We want to help you buy your new home.

If your credit’s not perfect, if you had a past bankruptcy or foreclosure, we still want to work with you! Call Julie at 248-266-7688 to see if you qualify.

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The Mortgage

OH provides homebuyers with a unique mortgage product that helps keep payments low and allows for future refinancing.

We offer a personalized experience with step-by-step support. We are committed to keeping your housing payments affordable.

IMAGE: Michigan Central Depot, just blocks from the North Pine Street Townhomes

First Step to Qualify

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