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Blogs & Stories

WestAcres: 80+ years of Community

In the late 1930’s when Jo Jensen was a baby, her family moved into a brand-new planned community called Westacres. Homes featured three bedrooms, each with a closet – a luxury at the time — a shed, fruit trees and …

Blogs & Stories

Woodbridge Estates: Setting roots.

Hearty laughter fills the house. It’s pizza night, and Allison Martin and her kids, Karnell and Allison, are discussing what movie to watch as they joke about each other’s video game skills. The house is neat and orderly, warm and …

Blogs & Stories

Woodbridge Estates: Finding Home

The large front room of Micia and Cameron Smith’s house is scattered with colorful children’s toys. A portable crib sits in the back corner while a muted lullaby plays on a rotating mobile. Micia holds the young couple’s newborn, Cam, …


Address to Oakland Housing Retreat

January 16,2017The Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, MIThe Rev. Chris Yaw What can be done to improve the living conditions of low-income families in America?That was the question being bandied about in the 1930’s–as the Great Depression raged–a time when urban slums …

"You know, Westacres could be an entire life if you wanted it to be. I enjoy being involved. I find a lot of enjoyment in helping my neighbors and helping my community. A byproduct of that is meeting people and making friends."

- Jo Ann J.

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